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Embroidered Peony Black Anti-Fragile Hoodie

Embroidered Peony Black Anti-Fragile Hoodie

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Treat yourself to an extra dose of cozy with this Embroidered Peony Black Anti-Fragile Hoodie! The high-quality embroidered design isn't just for show, it'll help keep you stylish and warm when the temperature drops. Plus, the private label means there's no need to worry about overdressing or underdressing - you'll be sure to look your best! Put it on and strut your stuff!

The peony is a symbol of anti-fragility. Every winter they are crushed under the weight of the snow and yet, every spring these beautiful blooms burst into life bigger and brighter than the year before. Watching seemingly fragile humans face significant challenges every day and still come back even stronger inspired this hoodie. Wearing it signals you are one of these anti-fragile people. 

To be anti-fragile in today's challenging world means to have the ability to not only withstand but also thrive in the face of adversity. It means being able to adapt, learn and improve from difficult situations, rather than just surviving them. Anti-fragility involves building a resilience mindset that helps you to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth and development. It requires being proactive, taking calculated risks, and continuously learning and evolving to ensure that you are always moving forward despite any obstacles that come your way.

The original artwork for this peony was painted by our founder Richard Banfield as his beautiful wife, Kristy, wife battled cancer. For years she beat the odds and grew more resolute and determined. This peony is her story. Make it your story too. 

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