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Short sleeve "peony" t-shirt

Short sleeve "peony" t-shirt

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Our Short sleeve "peony" t-shirt is perfect for flexing your strong side. Made of soft cotton, these shirts represent strength in tough times and look beautiful while doing it. 

Based on the original antifragile peony painting by Richard Banfield, this tee represents the idea that we get stronger when we face challenges.

From Richard... "The flower paintings were inspired by the antifragility of these botanical beauties as they re-emerge after New England's harsh winters. These delicate flower's ability to come back stronger and brighter each year is a reminder that our challenges make us better, not worse. The original paintings also incorporated my poetry on the sides of the stretched canvas. A single poem was divided across multiple pieces so only a handful of lucky collectors would be able to assemble the poem. My curiosity about our apparent separation from our core nature drives the work. Starting with the question of what separates us from our authentic selves, the work encourages us to explore our connectedness to each other and to the world at large."

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